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3MTM Red Dot Electrode, part 2360 - #ET2360

(sold by the pouch, box or case)


3MTM Red Dot Electrode is made from the highest quality materials to exacting standards for increased performance and reliability. This product is made to comply with industry standards to ensure optimum performance under all monitoring conditions. This electrode is extra-large, providing superior contact, easy handling and secure attachment. Made with a pressure sensitive adhesive, it is easy to apply and remove and provides rapid and intimate skin contact to ensure high quality trace pick-up. Its semi-stiff backing reduces roll-off and minimizes electrode lift. The 3M Red Dot Electrode is radiolucent, which minimizes the need to replace or remove electrodes in most radiological imaging applications. This product is hypo-allergenic and latex free, making it perfect for the most sensitive of patients. Available for purchase by pouch (100/per), BOX (500/per) or CASE (5,000/per). 

BEST SELLER! This product is used by a wide variety of medical facilities that specialize in cardiology and EKG procedures!


 -  Extra-large surface area provides superior contact, easy handling and secure attachment

 -  Pressure sensitive adhesive provides rapid high quality trace pick-up

 -  Semi-stiff backing reduces roll-off and minimizes electrode lift

 -  Radiolucent, hypo-allergenic and latex free

 -  Available for purchase by pouch, box or case

 -  Samples available, call today!


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