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ADC Adcuff™ Coiled Tubing #886N, #885N – item #TU886, #TU885
(sold by the each)


ADC Adcuff™ Coiled Tubing #886N, #885N – item #TU886, #TU885 is coiled tubing to facilitate blood pressure measurement when using wall or mobile instruments and is for use with most brands of clock and mercury sphygmomanometers. This product is available in either 4’ or 8’ lengths, individually boxed and covered with a generous 3-year Warranty. Please note that a #891M luer connector is included, however #891F is not included.



  • Sold by the each

  • For use with all major brands of blood pressure instruments

  • Available in either 4’ or 8’ lengths

  • Individually boxed

  • Not made of natural rubber latex

  • Luer connector (#891M) included

  • Luer connector (#891F) not included

  • 3-year Warranty


If you have any questions about ADC Adcuff™ Coiled Tubing #886N, #885N – item #TU886, #TU885 then please call or email us at: 



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