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Ambu® Man Wireless #A234407000

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The Ambu® Man Wireless is the ideal training manikin for the advanced BLS algorithm training. It is specially designed for basic training of medical and nursing staff and also designed for education of lay people. The Ambu® Man Wireless allows optimal training of chest compressions combined with a realistic respiration. The user friendly Ambu® hygienic system prevents cross-contamination and ensures realistic airway resistance and an exhalation through mouth and nose.



  • Mouth-to-mouth ventilation
  • Mouth-to-nose ventilation
  • Bag valve mask ventilation
  • Use of Guedel airways (optional)
  • Jaw-thrust maneuver
  • Gastric insufflation
  • Ambu® hygienic system
  • Lung bag
  • Face masks
  • Chest compression
  • Hand position display
  • Adjustable chest stiffness
  • Pulse (manual)
  • Placement of defibrillation electrodes
  • i.v. access (optional)
  • i.o. access (optional)
  • Advanced feedback display (ventilation volume, compression depth, hand position, gastric insufflation)
  • Ambu® Wirelss Technology
  • Ambu® Manikin Management Module


Ambu® Manikin Management Module Features:

Control module:

  • Platform-independent access and control options
  • Browser-based access and control option
  • Parallel control of up to 6 manikins
  • Scenario-based training (individually programmable)
  • Manual event management
  • User-defined programming of ECG rhythms
  • Debriefing (individual documentation of up to 4 participants)
  • Playback of sound files e.g. breathing
  • Parameter export/import

Monitoring module:

  • Patient monitor display of physiological parameters like 12 lead ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, capnography and capnometry
  • Performance display (customizable)
  • Parallel display of up to 6 manikins
  • Parallel multiple access of different terminal devices
  • License-free self-training
  • Secure separation of network level and training/control level


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