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Item #: BURV53H Series



Burdick Vision™ Holter System #BURV53H-0, #BURV53H-1, #BURV53H-2, #BURV53H-5

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The Burdick Vision™ Holter System #BURV53H-0, #BURV53H-1, #BURV53H-2, #BURV53H-5 gets analytical results quickly and easily!  Designed for today’s tightly managed healthcare environment, the Burdick Vision™ Holter System #BURV53H-0, #BURV53H-1, #BURV53H-2, #BURV53H-5 can be used to evaluate adult and pediatric patients to meet the needs of physicians and cardiologists alike. It's efficient: Streamlined, 1-2-3 report generation provides customized reports in just minutes. It's exact: 99.9% QRS detection sensitivity and positive predictivity, and VERITAS™ signal processing algorithms provide superior accuracy in beat detection, labeling and noise rejection. This helps improve identification of events and rapid scanning of recordings. And it's economical: Drive practice revenue by offering holter monitoring in your practice vs. referring to a specialist, protect your investment with a recorder exchange contract, and maximize your return on investment with a low cost of ownership and reimbursement support.



  • Patient recording is easily uploaded from the H3+™ Digital Recorder
  • Autoscan feature displays strips for technician review
  • Sends reports electronically in PDF or XML format
  • 99.9% QRS detection sensitivity and positive predictivity
  • Color-coded abnormalities help even novice users identify potential problems
  • Easy-to-follow format with simple icons and menu driven operation speeds usage
  • Minimal startup time and staff training means the system will be up and running quickly
  • Powerful and flexible Windows program leaves plenty of room on your computer for other programs
  • Comprehensive data collection and reporting for up to 48 hours of 3 channel ECG recordings
  • On Screen ECG Verification during patient hook-up ensures signal quality on-screen before the patient leaves
  • System algorithms, automatically identify abnormalities and compile them into easy to read reports
  • Full, printed reports in minutes, in the format you choose - and you can preview them on-screen first


Available options:

  • Item #BURV53H-0:  Vision™ Express Holter software and USB download cable
  • Item #BURV53H-1:  Vision™ Express Holter software, USB download cable and (1) H3+™ recorder with accessories
  • Item #BURV53H-2: Vision™ Express Holter software, USB download cable and (2) H3+™ recorders with accessories
  • Item #BURV53H-5:  Vision Express Holter software, USB download cable and (5) H3+™ recorders with accessories


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