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Danlee Medical Burdick Vision 92514 7-Lead Hookup Kit - item #043272-1

(Minimum order: 25 kits)


Danlee Medical is an FDA regulated Holter kit manufacturer. Since 1994 Danlee has been manufacturing pre-made and custom Holter kits designed specifically for you. Danlee Holter kits are made with the highest quality electrodes, batteries and prepping materials available.

Do you have another kit in mind? Perhaps a different event kit, a MRSA kit, or maybe a disaster relief kit? Ask us, we can kit anything! We private label. Call us for custom kits and/or private labeling options!  Please Note: picture shown may not represent exact kit contents.


Kit Contents/Features:

  • 7 ConMed Cleartrace Electrodes
  • 1 AA Battery
  • 1 Patient Diary
  • 1 Prep Razor
  • 2 Alcohol Pads
  • 1 Prep Scrub
  • 12 Tape Strips


If you have any questions about the Danlee Medical Burdick Vision 92514 7-Lead Hookup Kit - item #043272-1 then please call or email us at: 



[email protected]

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