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EdanUSA SE-1200 Express Basic ECG Machine #SE-1200EB

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The EdanUSA SE-1200 Express Basic ECG Machine #SE-1200EB boasts exceptional cost performance with both accurate clinical performance as well as user-friendly design. It is equipped with a comprehensive Alphanumeric keyboard as well as a practical one-touch operation with both age and gender shortcuts. The EdanUSA SE-1200 Express Basic ECG Machine #SE-1200EB features an 8″ LCD display for the optimal examination of results, and sleep mode to lengthen LCD life as well as conserve energy. This product is outfitted with a built-in, rechargeable Li-on battery, and WIFI capability to transmit data. To assist in your diagnosis, the EdanUSA SE-1200 Express Basic ECG Machine #SE-1200EB has 120 second real-time ECG waveforms freezing and review, as well as the ability to extend printing once an arrhythmia is detected. The EdanUSA SE-1200 Express Basic ECG Machine #SE-1200EB also is equipped with automatic measurements and interpretation tested by the CSE/AHA/MIT database. This product has the ability to record twelve ECG traces and print these records with a built-in high-resolution thermal printer on both normal thermal paper and A4 size fax paper. The EdanUSA SE-1200 Express Basic ECG Machine #SE-1200EB has 200 ECGs of internal memory that can be enlarged with a USB flash disk. An additional option to the EdanUSA SE-1200 Express Basic ECG Machine #SE-1200EB would provide Smart ECG Viewer software that would aid with data management.



  • 8.4″ LCD screen
  • Alphanumeric keyboard
  • One-touch operation
  • Enhanced weak signal detection
  • Comprehensive filters & anti-noise technology
  • Real-time ECG waveforms freezing and review
  • Advanced SEMIP algorithm for automatic measurements and interpretation
  • Built-in high resolution thermal printer with external USB printer (optional) support
  • Extended printing
  • Large internal memory which can be enlarged by USB flash disk
  • Built-in data management with reports review
  • LAN/Wi-Fi(optional) connections
  • Bi-directional communication with SE-1515 Data Management System
  • Multi-format reports export (optional)
  • Barcode scanner support (optional)
  • On-board PDF creator making file transfer simple and seamless


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