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Item #: 77K-0488
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Forest Medical™ Trillium 7000™ Holter Recorder #77K-0488

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The Forest Medical™ Trillium 7000™ Holter Recorder #77K-0488 is compact and versatile, providing provides 3-channel, 24-hour to 7-day recording capability. This product provides complete support for pediatric through adult applications including pacemaker detection and can be combined with Trillium Silver™, Trillium Gold™ or Trillium Platinum™ Holter Analysis Software to form a complete and comprehensive Holter Monitoring System that is both powerful and easy to use. The Forest Medical™ Trillium 7000™ Holter Recorder #77K-0488 is easily and economically expandable with multiple recorders and workstations and are fully upgradable as new developments arise.



  • Sold by the each
  • 3-Channel, 5-Lead Cable
  • Recording Time: 24 Hours to 7 days
  • Recording: Continuous (Full Disclosure)
  • Memory: Non-volatile Micro Secure Digital SD Flash-Card
  • Resolution: 12-bit sampling, stored at 8-bit MSB.
  • Sample Rate: 24,000 sps per channel oversampling, stored at 250 sps.
  • Frequency Response: 0.05 Hz – 60 Hz
  • Gain Settings: ¼, 1/2X, 1X, 2X and 4X
  • Battery: (1) AAA Alkaline (IEC-LR6)
  • Direct USB connection to transfer data.
  • Signal Verification: LCD Display – ECG Waveform Display during hookup
  • 5 button keypad operation and Event Button
  • Overall size: 2.55 x 2.0x 0.50 inches (64.8 x 50.8x 12.7 mm)
  • Meets the ANSI/AAMI standard for ambulatory electrocardiographs (EC38) including pacemaker and use on infants
  • Unlimited Toll-Free Technical Support


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