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Item #: CAE708210
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GE Healthcare Compatible SpO2 Adapter Cable #2006644-001 – item #CAE708210

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The GE Healthcare Compatible SpO2 Adapter Cable #2006644-001 – item #CAE708210 is a one-piece SpO2 interface cable with a distal flat, 11-pin, single-keyed GE connector, proximal female 9-pin D-sub connector with Nellcor OxiSmart SpO2 technology.



  • one-piece SpO2 interface cable
  • Distal flat, 11-pin, single-keyed GE connector
  • Proximal female 9-pin D-sub connector
  • Connects the reusable finger probe with the system
  • Can be used with both reusable and disposable probes
  • Nellcor OxiSmart SpO2 technology
  • 7 ft. in length
  • 12-month warranty

OEM Part# Cross Reference:


  • AIV:  CB10640
  • AMC:  CB-A400-1102A
  • Beta Biomed:  B400-1033A
  • GE Healthcare/Marquette:  200644-001, 407252-002, E9004DE, E9004GE
  • Pacific Medical:  NXMQ102, NXMQ4560
  • Tenacore:  TE2423

For use with:

  • GE Cormetrics 128, 250, 250cx, 259 Fetal Monitor with Oximax technology, TRAM 450SL
  • GE Critikon Dinamap Carescape B650, Carescape B850, Carescape V100, Carescape V100 with Nellcor technology (no OxiMax)
  • GE Marquette Dash 2500, Dash 3000, Dash 4000, Dash 5000, Dash 5000 with Nellcor Oximax, Dash Series, Eagle, PDM Module, Procare B40, SOLAR, Solar 8000, Solar 8000M, TRAM Modular, Tram 451, i/9500, x50SL Series


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