• Redux® Electrolyte Paste, Gel, Crème #67-05, #65-04, #66-04

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Item #: RE6705, RE6504, RE6604
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Redux® Electrolyte Paste, Gel, Crème #67-05, #65-04, #66-04 – item #RE6705, #RE6504, #RE6604
(RE6504 and RE6604 sold by the box of 10, RE6705 sold by the case of 50)

Redux® Electrolyte Paste, Redux® Electrolyte Gel and Redux® Electrolyte Creme are formulated to operate efficiently with all electromedical equipment. Redux® Paste, item #RE6705 is a water-based, abrasive paste for short term monitoring, ECG, and defibrillation. Redux® Electrolyte Gel, item #RE6504 is highly conductive, non-abrasive, water-based gel used for routine ECG and defibrillation. The gel is water soluble and non-staining/non-gritty. Redux® Electrolyte Creme, item #RE6604 is a cosmetic quality cream that is highly conductive for routine ECG procedures. The Electrolyte Cream is not designed to be used during defibrillation. The Redux Electrode Cream formula is non-irritating, and is designed to be soothing to patients. The Redux® brand is trusted by many of our customers and we highly recommend it to any medical professionals that requires high conductivity, ease of use, and efficiency. This product is used by a wide variety of medical facilities that specialize in EKG exams, stress tests, Holter monitoring ECG telemetry and more!
Item #RE6705 Features (Paste):

  • Sold by the case, 50 per case
  • Water-based, abrasive gel for short term monitoring, ECG and defibrillation
  • Water soluble
  • Highly conductive

Item #RE6504 Features (Gel):

  • Sold by the box, 10 per box
  • Non-abrasive, water-based gel for routine ECG and defibrillation
  • Water soluble, non-staining, non-gritty
  • Highly conductive

Item #RE6604 Features (Crème):

  • Sold by the box, 10 per box
  • Cosmetic quality, pleasing to patients
  • Non-irritating Highly conductive electrode cream
  • Not recommended for defibrillation

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