• Universal Clear Choice Adapter Clip #CL-A34

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Item #: SLC-4100-510, SLC-4100-510-14


Universal Clear Choice Adapter Clip #CL-A34 - item #SLC-4100-510, #SLC-4100-510-14

(sold by the set)


The top selling adapter clip we offer is the Universal Clear Choice Adapter Clip. Fitting a 4mm maximum size pin, this multi-use adapter clip is excellent not only for tab electrodes, but also snap electrodes. The ability to transfer between the two different electrode types makes the application fast and efficient. In addition, the adapter clips may be reapplied as many times as necessary without wasting time in the process.


A non-invasive connection is involved with this Universal Clear Choice Adapter Clip, making it ideal for use in a range of different applications. These adapters are particularly unique due to the locking metal clamp they possess that solidifies the connection and enables complete 360° rotation. With the problem of leads detaching solved, there is no concern about the adapter clip releasing from the electrode or initiating a false call. Professionals in cardiology and other medical fields use the Universal Clear Choice Adapter Clip!



  • Sold by the set of 10 clips or by the set of 14 clips
  • Applicable for use with Snap or Tab type electrodes
  • Fits pin sizes up to 4mm
  • Connection is ensured through the locking metal clamp with electric snap, enabling 360° of motion which stops the detachment from the electrode and prevents false calls
  • With a non-invasive connection, it is easy on caregivers and patients
  • Useful for various applications and easy to connect and disconnect
  • The speed of its application process eliminates wasted time on reapplications
  • Formerly Danlee item #ADA34 (CL-A34)
  • This item replaces manufacturer discontinued Burdick Mortara Clear Choice Blue Adapter Clip #9325-003-50 item #AD932500350



  • SLC-4100-510: 10 universal adapter clips per set
  • SLC-4100-510-14: 14 universal adapter clips per set


Equivalent OEM:

  • Burdick/Cardiac Science #9325-003-50 (dicontinued by manufacturer 03/01/2020)
  • Burdick/Cardiac Science #704-0102-00
  • Midmark #3-047-0005
  • Philips Sure-Lock #989803166031


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