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Item #: PS2157014A



Welch Allyn Compatible Red Grid Chart Paper #94001-0000 - item #PS2157014A
(sold by pack, box or case)

Danlee Medical's premium medical recording chart papers and are made to all manufacturers' specifications.  Our recording chart paper is produced in accordance with ISO and EU standards to ensure our recording chart papers perform as expected in your ekg machine.  If you are not completely satisfied with our chart paper, we will refund your payment. This product is used by a wide variety of medical facilities that specialize in cardiology and EKG procedures! 



  • Sold by the pack, box or case
  • 292 sheets per pack, 10 packs per box, 40 packs per case
  • 90MM X 90MM X 292
  • Red grid
  • F-fold

For use with:

  • Schiller AT-1 EKG Machine 
  • GE MAC1200 EKG Machine
  • Schiller #2.157014A, #2.157014C, #2.157038

If you have any questions about the Welch Allyn Compatible Red Grid Chart Paper #94001-0000 - item #PS2157014A then please call or email us at:

[email protected]

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