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Item #: ST608 Series
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ADC AdScope 608 Convertible Clinician Stethoscope
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The ADC Adscope 608 Series Convertible Clinician Stethoscope is the newest, most versatile model in the ADC Clinician Series. The adjustable frequency (AFD) technology allows you to tune the diaphragm to enhance high-and-low-frequency response in both the adult and pediatric diaphragms.  Or convert the pediatric diaphragm to an extra deep bell for unsurpassed low-frequency response.  The clinician headset, designed to withstand thousands of cycles, features a double-leaf tensioning spring and a reinforcing yoke molded into flexible 22-inch PVC tubing.


Color Options:

  • 608BD: Burgundy
  • 608BK:  Black
  • 608DG:  Dark Green
  • 608G:  Gray
  • 608LV:  Lavender
  • 608N:  Navy
  • 608O:  Orange
  • 608P:  Pink
  • 608R:  Red
  • 608RB:  Royal Blue
  • 608TL:  Teal
  • 608TQ:  Turquoise
  • 608V:  Indigo
  • 608FG:  Blue Diamond
  • 608FL:  Rose Quartz
  • 608FRB:  Sapphire Ice
  • 608FS:  Sea Glass
  • 608FV:  Amethyst
  • 608MCA:  Metallic Caribbean
  • 608MCB:  Metallic Ceil Blue
  • 608MG:  Metallic Gray
  • 608MRS:  Metallic Raspberry
  • 608PBCA:  Breast Cancer Awareness Metallic Pink
  • 608OH:  Metallic Orchid Haze
  • 608CF:  Carbon Fiber
  • 608CH:  Cheetah
  • 608SE:  Serenity
  • 608AB:  Abstraction
  • 608WO:  Woodland
  • 608MR:  Midnight Rose
  • 608SN:  Starry Night
  • 608WD:  Woodstock
  • 608LP:  Leopard



  • Convertible chestpiece that provides adult diaphragm/bell or adult/pediatric diaphragm configurations
  • Combination diaphragm/bell adult chestpiece precisely machined to exacting tolerances from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance and rugged durability
  • ADC’s AFD Technology provides enhanced acoustic response: light pressure for low, bell-type frequency, firm pressure for high, diaphragm-type frequency
  • Extra-large bell (1 3/8" diameter) for unsurpassed low-frequency response.  Ultra-sensitive diaphragm (1 3/4" diameter) for greater amplification and crisper high-frequency response
  • Non-chill bell and diaphragm retaining rims for patient comfort
  • Clinician headset boasts reinforcing yoke molded into flexible 22" PVC tubing and stainless steel binaurals fixed at 15º angle for greater comfort
  • Adsoft™ Plus silicone eartips with new snap-on connections for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal
  • Includes accessory kit with two pairs of spare Adsoft™ Plus eartips
  • Scope ID Tag included
  • Assembled, inspected, and packaged in the USA!
  • Lifetime warranty covers all parts

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