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ADC Adscope® 658 Electronic Stethoscope – item #658-BLK, #658-DG, #658-N, #658-MCA, #658-MCB, #658-MG, #658-MRS, #658-OH, #658-PBCA, item #ST658BLK, #ST658DG, #ST658N, #ST658MCA, #ST658MCB, #ST658MG, #ST658MRS, #ST658OH, #ST658PBCA
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The ADC Adscope® 658 Electronic Stethoscope is the next generation in electronic stethoscopy combining impressive acoustic amplification, electronic noise filtering and comfortable ergonomic design. Constructed of the highest quality medical-professional-grade materials, the ADC Adscope® 658 Electronic Stethoscope – item #658-BLK, item #ST658BLK is especially helpful when auscultating faint heart and lung sounds, when the patient is obese, or when listening through clothing. The bi-lumen (dual channel) cariology headset optimizes the acoustic pathway, with heavy-walled tubing, large-diameter aural tubes, and a double-leaf tensioning spring that withstands thousands of cycles. With the ADC Adscope® 658 Electronic Stethoscope, you’ll hear sounds you may have missed with a traditional acoustic instrument. The contact-activated microphone filters higher-frequency background noises that typically interfere with auscultation, and then amplifies heart and lung sounds up to 18X! This electronic stethoscope replaces the discontinued ADC Adscope® 657 Electronic Stethoscope, item #ST657BK.
  • Amplifies sounds up to 18X (24dB)
  • Noise-filtering contact microphone eliminates background interference
  • Eight-step volume control with last-setting memory
  • Cardiology headset with bilumen tubing and stainless-steel binaurals
  • Multifunction button controls the frequency mode (bell or diaphragm) and the volume (eight levels)
  • Backlit LCD display powers down automatically if not in use
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery, twenty hours of continuous use on a full charge
  • High-impact thermoplastic housing withstands drops, bumps, and other contact
  • Measures 30 inches and weighs 175 grams
  • Contact microphone measures 7 mm in diameter, suitable for use on any size patient
  • Includes three pairs of Adsoft Plus snap-on silicone eartips, two small and one large
  • Micro USB cable and scope ID tag also included
  • Two-year warranty on electronics (chestpiece), lifetime warranty on headset
  • Multiple fun finishes to choose from
  • Replaces the discontinued ADC Adscope® 657 Electronic Stethoscope, item #ST657BK
If you have any questions about the ADC Adscope® 658 Electronic Stethoscope then please call or email us at:
[email protected]

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