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ADC Digital Ear Thermometer

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This ADC Digital Ear Thermometer is the most compact Tympanic thermometer on the market that can measure a temperature in about 1 second. The ergonomic design fits confortably in the operator's hand and in the patient's ear which makes it easy to use everytime! There is even a built in fever alarm that will sound when the temperature is 99.5°F or above. We recommend these digital thermometers for medical professionals that require reliability.


This product is ideal for general practitioners, nurses, and other medical professionals.


  • The most compact Tympanic thermometer on the market.
  • Measures core temperature instantly from the ear reliably and accurately.
  • Range 89.6F - 108F +/- .4F or 32C - 42.2C +/- .2C depending on scale selection.
  • Probe cover FREE design is less costly and more convenient to use.
  • Large 6mm display is easy to read.
  • Compact (5'' long, 1.9 oz.) ergonomic design fits comfortably in operator's hand and patient's ear.
  • Fever alarm at 99.5F (37.5C).
  • 12 reading memory.
  • Complete with Lithium battery, storage/travel case, and operating instructions.


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