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AMSINO® Infrared Digital Thermometer #AMSINO-IDT
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The AMSINO® Infrared Digital Thermometer #AMSINO-IDT is designed to be a screening device to measure body and forehead temperature without contact.  This infrared digital thermometer measures body temperatures from 32-43℃ and is ideal for use when measuring body temperature on individual’s forehead with a distance of 0-5cm. The AMSINO® Infrared Digital Thermometer #AMSINO-IDT is good for initial screening in areas like large gatherings, buildings, factories, and schools and universities. The non-contact benefit of using the AMSINO® Infrared Digital Thermometer #AMSINO-IDT could aid in significantly reducing the spread of infectious diseases. This device is intended for screening purposes only, not to replace clinical thermometers or a professional diagnosis.  This device can be sold and used during COVID-19 as per FDA Public Health Enforcement Policy dated April 2020.



  • One-button temperature measurement
  • Dual probe temperature measurement is more accurate
  • Distance hint
  • Adjustable mute
  • Vibrating reminder, Beep switch
  • High-definition backlit display
  • Sleek, comfortable grip
  • Real-time ranging function
  • Measurement range:32-43℃
  • Temperature unit: ℃/℉
  • Dimension:149*38*42mm
  • 1 second response time
  • 30 second Auto shut off
  • Measure distance: 0-5cm

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