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Item #: CA350023502
Our Price: $125.00


Braemar DL800 5-Lead 3-Channel Cable #350-0235-02 – item #CA350023502
(sold by the each)

Braemar DL800 5-Lead 3-Channel Cable #350-0235-02 – item #CA350023502 is a one-piece OEM replacement cable with 5 non-replaceable leads for use with the Braemar DL800 Holter Monitor, as well as Forest Trillium 5000, Scottcare Rozinn 153+ Holter, Burdick Vision Holter Monitor and NORAV Braemar DL800 (each sold separately).


  • Sold by the each
  • 5-Lead
  • 3-Channel
  • one-piece, non-replaceable leads
  • Snap connectors
  • Braemar item #350-0235-00, #350-0235-02, #350-0235-03
  • Alternative Solution for NORAV DL800 7-Lead 3-Channel #DL800-PC7-3

For use with:

  • Braemar DL800 Holter Monitor
  • Forest Trillium 5000 item #RE09N
  • Scottcare Rozinn 153+ Holter
  • Burdick Vision Holter Monitor
  • NORAV Braemar DL800


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