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Braemar Reusable Pouch/Belt Clip- Item #100-1894-001,Item #PO1001894001
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The Braemar Reusable Pouch/Belt Clip- Item #100-1894-001,Item #PO1001894001 is for use with the ER920W Wireless Event Monitor. The ER920W Wireless Event Monitor is a battery operated, solid state, looping event recorder designed to record symptomatic heart arrhythmias. Event recording is activated by the patient or by automatic event detection. The ER920W (1 or 2 channel) event monitor provides up to 30 minutes of total recording time and will operate as a simple looping event recorder for a minimum of 30 days with the Lithium Thionyl battery pack. It offers multiple programmed recording options allowing the physician to determine their own parameters. Selectable parameters include number of events, pre-event time, post-event time, audible operation, pacemaker detection, and arrhythmia detection. The ER920W event monitor is enhanced with Arrhythmia Detection firmware which will capture and automatically record asymptomatic, infrequent, or elusive heart arrhythmia events such as Bradycardia, Tachycardia, Pause, and Atrial Fibrillation.

  • Reusable Pouch/Belt Clip
  • Used with ER920W Wireless Event Monitor.
  • Easy to Use


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