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Item #: CA010164400
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Burdick Holter Carry Case for Vison 5L #010164400 - item #CA010164400
(sold by the each)

The Burdick Holter Carry Case for Vison 5L #010164400 - item #CA010164400 is a reuseable carry case with an adjustable shoulder strap included.  This product is for use with multiple brands: Burdick Vision 5L, Forest Medical Trilliam 5000, Zymed Digitrak Plus, Braemar DL800 and Scottcare Chroma RZ153C (each sold separately).

For use with:

  • Burdick Vision 5L Holter Recorder, item #010-1644-00
  • Forest Medical Trilliam 5000 Holter Recorder
  • Zymed Digitrak Plus 24 Hour Holter Recorder, item #989803136651
  • Braemar DL800 Holter Recorder, item #100-1695-001
  • Scottcare Chroma RZ153C Holter Monitor, item #101442

Note: Shoulder strap included!


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