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Item #: ST121 Series
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Clinical Lite™ Stethoscope
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Made from anodized aluminum, the Clinical Lite™ Stethoscope is a classic dual head stethoscope which is extremely light weight and affordable. A fiberglass diaphragm is utilized to optimally detect S1 and S2 heart sounds as well as Korotkoff sounds, while the bell side is optimally designed for assessing S3 and S4 heart sounds. The Clinical Lite™ Stethoscope incorporates a snap-on diaphragm retaining ring and a non-chill bell ring which contributes to the ease of use and maintenance, while enhancing patient comfort. This product is ideal for general practitioners, nurses, nursing students, medical students, EMT’s and other medical professionals!


Color options:

  • Item #121AQS:  Aqua sea
  • Item #121BLK:  Black
  • Item #121HPK:  Hot pink
  • Item #121HPS:  Hot pink sparkles
  • Item #121NAV:  Navy
  • Item #121N-BLU:  Neon blue
  • Item #121N-GRN:  Neon green
  • Item #121N-PNK:  Neon pink
  • Item #121PUR:  Purple
  • Item #121PPS:  Purple sparkles
  • Item #121RAS:  Raspberry
  • Item #121ROY:  Royal
  • Item #121STE:  Stealth
  • Item #121SAS:  Stealth aqua sea
  • Item #121SHP:  Stealth hot pink
  • Item #121SNB:  Stealth neon blue



  • Made from anodized aluminum.
  • Duel head.
  • Lightweight & affordable.
  • Detects S1, S2, S3 and S4 and Korotkoff sounds.
  • Overall Length: Approx. 31".
  • Weight: Approx. 3.9 oz.
  • Lifetime Warranty! - Free Lifetime Replacement Parts!


Note: This product is available in many colors. Color may vary slightly from picture. The "Stealth" option means that the chest piece and Binurals are also black. This product comes with two sizes of soft ear tips, a replacement diaphragm, an I.D. tag and instruction manual.


If you have any questions about the Clinical Lite™ Stethoscope then please call or email us at:



[email protected]

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