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Item #: EC1870005
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ConMed Positrace® Diaphoretic Electrode #1870-005 - item #EC1870005
(5/pouch, 50/box, 600/case, sold by the box and case) 


Made in the USA!

The ConMed Positrace® Diaphoretic Electrode #1870-005 - item #EC1870005 is made with foam, and features proprietary gel formulation GEL 2000X. This adhesive gel formulation is designed to minimize impedance and maintain signal quality and adhere well to skin while avoiding skin irritation. The ConMed Positrace® Diaphoretic Electrode #1870-005 - item #EC1870005 has a larger tear-drop shape and more robust foam adhesive providing more aggressive adhesive for more challenging or diaphoretic applications. It has Ag/Ag chloride, and is latex and PVC free.


  • Foam
  • Conductive adhesive gel    
  • Ag/Ag chloride    
  • Latex free
  • PVC free
  • Larger teardrop shape
  • Size 2.0” (5.1cm) diameter
  • Closed cell foam keeps fluids from penetrating
  • Pull tab makes it easy to apply and remove the electrode
  • Conforms to patient's body without pulling on the skin
  • Packaged 5/pouch, 50/box, 600/case
  • Sold by the box/50 or case/600


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