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Item #: LELW3400029/5A
Our Price: $86.53


Datex Ohmeda 5-Lead Leadwire Set- Item #LW-3400029/5A, Item #LELW3400029/5A
(Sold by the set)

This Datex Ohmeda 5-Lead leadwire set includes P60 pinch grabber to multi-link. It is sheilded (RA/LL/LA/RL/C), 29in./74cm, (white, green, brown, red black. 

VERY POPULAR! This product is used by a wide variety of medical facilities that conduct cardiology testing such as EKG and ECG tests.

Works great with the following systems:

  • GE Medical Systems Apex  The OEM part number is 414-556-001.

  • Apex Pro

  • Apex S

  • Dash 2000 Pro

  • Dash 3000 Pro

  • Dash 4000 Pro

  • Dinamap PRO 1000

  • Eagle Systems

  • MAC-Lab

  • Solar 3000

  • Solar 8000

  • Solar 9500

If you have any questions about the Datex Ohmeda 5-Lead Leadwire Set- Item #LW-3400029/5A, Item #LELW3400029/5A, then please call or email us at: 

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