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Item #: MI4170, MI4171



Microscope Slides – item #4170/#4171, item #MI4170/#MI4171
(sold by box, 72 slides/box or case, 20 boxes/case)

 Microscope Slides – item #4170/#4171, item #MI4170/#MI4171 are made of premium, quality sheet glass with ground corners that provide consistent results for all laboratory tests. Frosted slide coating retains most laboratory marking methods while a writing surface eliminates the need for paper labels and/or re-labeling of slides. This item is corrosion resistant, precleaned, lint free and ready to use. Suitable for all medical applications for an economic price!
Available in two options:
  - Microscope Slides, Clear
    (Corner grounded - 3" x 1" x 1mm, Mfg. item #4170, Danlee item #MI4170)

  - Microscope Slides, Frosted
    (Corner grounded - 3" x 1" x 1mm, Mfg. item #4171, Danlee item #4171)

Features include:
• Uniform thickness and superior flatness
• Excellent clarity
• Processing techniques result in superior cleanliness
• Packaged in 1 ounce quantities
• Cover glass comes in a crush resistant plastic box
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