Holter Monitor Electrodes for Effective Patient Heart Monitoring and Testing

The Holter monitor connects to the body in a similar way as a standard ECG. This relatively small device includes thin electrical cords with electrodes connected to the chest of the patient. Doctors often use ECGs to help diagnose symptoms that involve potential heart problems. A standard ECG gives the clinician a snapshot of the heart’s activity. If a snapshot does not provide sufficient information, the doctor may ask the patient to submit to 24-hour Holter monitoring. At Danlee Medical Products, Inc., we offer a comprehensive selection of Holter monitor electrodes to help you with your cardiac monitoring medical services.

Holter Monitor Electrodes

When it comes to selecting electrodes, Holter ECG electrodes are ideal for addressing many adult cardiac monitoring and diagnostic needs. These electrodes can be applied in various applications, including for short term monitoring, long-term monitoring, resting ECG, and stress tests.

There are applications that can benefit from the use of Holter monitor electrodes, including monitoring and telemetry, stress, and resting applications. There are various features and options available with these Holter electrode products as well.

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