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Kendall Magellan™ Safety Needle & Syringe Combinations

50/box (sold by the box)

Kendall Magellan™ Safety Needle and Syringe Combinations are needle based safety devices preattached to a syringe that protect the healthcare worker from accidental needlestick injuries. The easy one handed design and robust safety shield ensure the clinician is protected against any exposures from sharps injury. The preattached combinations save valuable nursing time and improve clinical efficiencies.


 Features and Benefits

  • Needle-based safety technology promotes clinical flexibility
  • Intuitive, one-handed operation minimizes needlestick opportunities
  • Ultra Sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring needle minimizes trauma to muscle tissue for smooth delivery of medications
  • Needles pre-attached to syringe
  • Extended syringe finger flanges. 
  • Latex Free

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