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Compatible with: Hewlett-Packard M3501A & M1749A


VERY POPULAR! This product is used by a wide variety of medical facilities that specialize in cardiology and EKG procedures!

Latex Free

  • Complete selection of multifunction electrodes for defibrillation, sychronized cardioversion, pacing & ECG monitoring.
  • Functionaly equivalent to various other brands of defibrillation electrodes.
  • Provides standardization for your defibrillation needs.
  • 1 pair/pouch, 10 pairs/case.

For use with:
  • Philips/HP Codemaster
  • Philips/HP Laerdal 4000

Comparable to:
  • Philips/HP 3501A
  • Conmed 2516P
  • Kimberly Clark R2, item #3114-1741

Kendall's defibrillator pads are made of the highest quality materials, to exacting standards for increased performance and reliability. All of Kendall's defibrillator pads are made to comply with industry standards to ensure that their defib pads will perform under all monitoring conditions.


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