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Marquette/Edan Compatible Chart Paper – item #22616602, item #PM22616602
(sold by the pack)

Marquette/Edan Compatible Chart Paper – item #22616602, item #PM22616602 is an economical alternative to brand name paper. This is a medical grade thermal paper measuring 216mm x 280mm with 150 sheets per pack. This product is produced in compliance with ISO and EU standards to ensure optimum performance under all monitoring conditions. It is an F-fold paper with a red grid and no header. It is of premium quality and resists trace fading for 7-10 years. It is used on Mac1000, Mac1100 and Mac1200 EKG machines, as well as the Edan SE1200.


  • Thermal EKG chart paper
  • 216mm x 280mm x 150 sheets
  • F-fold with red grid
  • resists trace fading 7-10 years
  • no header


For use with:

  • MAC1000 EKG machine
  • MAC1100 EKG machine
  • MAC1200 EKG machine
  • Edan SE1200

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