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Medisorb Multi Absorber Disposable - item #M1173311, item #MEM1173311
(sold by the box, 6/box)

Medisorb Color Change and Reversion
As an aid in determining the progressive exhaustion of Medisorb medical soda lime, a sensitive acid-based ethyl violet indicator is added to the formulation. As the pH of the absorbent decreases below 10.3, medical grade medisorb absorbent will change color from white to violet as the absorption reaction develops and moves in the direction of the gas flow. Color indication is not a definitive guide and should always be used in conjunction with CO2 monitors and time/volume calculations.

Conforms with APSF Recommendations
During anesthesia administration, anesthetic agent degradation and dry soda lime can cause the production of compound A and carbon monoxide. Vital Signs Medisorb medical soda lime absorbent does not significantly degrade volatile anesthetic when used as described in the accompanying instructions for use.

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