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Mortara S19 Surveyor Patient Monitoring System - Item #SUR19

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Modern bedside monitoring platform offering a simple and intuitive touchscreen user interface, plus exceptional visibility. Slender and streamlined monitor design provides convenience and ease in crowded patient rooms. Configurable display layouts, supporting up to 8 waveforms of data plus a 12-lead display format, enable users to customize their system. Surveyor S19, with high-resolution 19" touchscreen display, offers a comprehensive solution for advanced monitoring needs. Surveyor S19 offers an external, thermal printing solution for added flexibility. Communicate with the Surveyor Central using wired technology for a complete patient monitoring solution. Allows for easy integration to an existing hospital infrastructure using HL7 and 12-lead ECG output through Surveyor Central. Utilizes Mortara's unique AM12™ acquisition module with replaceable lead wires, and lead fail indicator for added convenience and efficiency.
VERY POPULAR! This product is used by a wide variety of medical facilities that conduct cardiology and EKG procedures!
  • Modern and Flexible Patient Monitoring System
  • Slim Design
  • Impressive Flexibility
  • High Acuity Solution
  • Comprehensive Central Monitoring Capabilities
  • Streamlined Connectivity
  • Innovative ECG Acquisition Module

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