• Mortara WAM/AM12 10Lead Combiner #9293-046-07

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Item #: LE929304607
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Mortara WAM/AM12 10Lead Combiner - item #9293-046-07, item #LE929304607

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The Mortara WAM/AM12 10Lead Combiner - item #9293-046-07, item #LE929304607 is a 10-Lead combiner designed for Mortara's unique Wireless Acquisition Module that eliminates the need for a direct patient connection. The WAM provides freedom of movement for the clinician while acquiring electrocardiograms. The wireless technology features full diagnostic-quality ECG with a high-fidelity acquisition sampling rate of 40,000 samples per second per channel, a benefit for accurate pacemaker detection. Elimination of the cable reduces a source of artifact resulting in high-quality ECG tracings.


  • 10 Lead combiner
  • Easy to use


For use with:

  • Mortara WAM/AM12


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