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Nicolet® Elite® Handheld Doppler #ED23R

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Superior performance, ultimate flexibility. The Elite is a configurable, ultrasound Doppler used to detect the fetal heartbeat and to assist in monitoring peripheral arterial and venous blood flow. The Elite has a comfortable probe shape that makes finding a signal easier than ever before. It combines extreme sensitivity and incredibly clear, static-free sound into a compact, pocket-sized package. Use the 2 MHz or 3 MHz obstetric probes to hear the fetal heartbeat. Use the flat 5 MHz or pencil tip 8 MHz vascular probes to screen patients at risk for stroke, peripheral arterial disease and other occlusive vascular conditions or to monitor difficult pulses and obtain systolic blood pressures quickly and easily.



  • Digital readout – utilizes autocorrelation, a pattern recognition technique that accurately tracks the heart rate
  • Rechargeable battery to reduce battery replacement
  • Waterproof 2 MHz probe available for underwater labor and delivery
  • Manufacturer of quality Dopplers for over 40 years
  • Comes with 2 and 3 MHz obstetric probes


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