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Personal Pumi Bar 1'' (Practice Builder) - item #7021, item #PU7021
(sold by the box, 50/box) 

The Personal Pumi Bar: Removes Corns, Calluses and Dry Skin from Hands and Feet

The #1 Podiatry Pumice Product for Feet and Hands. Soothe and Soften Unattractive and Painful Feet in the Comfort of Your Own Home. An Affordable, Safe, Gentle and Effective Way of Removing, Calluses, Corns and Dry Skin from Feet and Hands.

The Personal Pumi Bar used by both men and women to remove stubborn and unattractive Dry Skin, Calluses and Corns from hands and feet. Simply wet and apply soap to the bar, most commonly in a shower or bath, and massage it gently onto the surfaces of hands and feet. The results can be seen and felt immediately!

The Personal Pumi Bar is made with authentic pumice allowing the bar to reshape itself after every use so that it is clean, fresh and ready to be used again. It is a safer and more effective alternative to harsh pumice stones and foot files that can cut and scrape hands and feet. Use the bar to improve the results of even the best manicure and pedicure. Each bar comes individually wrapped with a set of instructions for proper usage.


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