• Philips Compatible EKG Leadwire #989803129161

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Item #: LELW10LB0, LELW10LN0
Proximal Connector Style


Philips Compatible EKG Leadwire #989803129161 - item #LELW10LB0, #LELW10LN0

(sold by the each)

The Philips Compatible EKG Leadwire #989803129161 - item #LELW10LB0, #LELW10LN0 is a one-piece, complete lead set either banana style or needle style proximal connector and twin pin, 90 degree angled, individual leads for the distal connector. This product is for use with Philips CardioDynamics BioZ, M1701A, PageWriter TC70, PageWriter XLE 1702A, PageWriter XLi M1700A, Pagewriter Touch, Sonosite, Trim, Trim I, Trim II, and Trim III (each sold separately).




For use with:

  • Philips CardioDynamics BioZ
  • Philips M1701A
  • Philips PageWriter TC70
  • Philips PageWriter XLE 1702A
  • Philips PageWriter XLi M1700A
  • Philips Pagewriter Touch
  • Philips Sonosite
  • Philips Trim
  • Philips Trim I
  • Philips Trim II
  • Philips Trim III


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