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Philips HeartStart FR3 AED Defibrillator #861388 - item #DE861388
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The Philips HeartStart FR3 includes a bright and full-resolution color LCD that features textual instructions, making it great for noisy environments and responders that do best visually. The Philips FR3 also has an upgraded feature available with an ECG display. This is an advanced feature for responders looking for waveform information and data of their patients. This upgraded feature is popular amongst trained responders and EMTs.


This product is ideal for general practitioners, EMTs, hospitals, and various other medical offices.




  • Capable of withstanding dust and jetting water, the HeartStart FR3, provides first responders the finest in durability and design. 

  • Saving time, the HeartStart FR3 turns on automatically as soon as the carrying case is opened.

  • Smart CPR: Recieve patient specific guidance with Philips SMART CPR for the most appropriate initial therapy - CPR or defibrillation and even for shockable rhythms.

  • Small and Lightweight - One of the smallest and lightest professional AED avaiable, weighing at only 3.5lbs! Comes ready to use.

  • Bright Display - High resolution LCD screen for clarity. In severely degraded environmental conditions, voice prompts may not provide enough guidance. The bright, color LCD display of the HeartStart FR3 clearly shows text or text with ECG, which is an upgraded feature, see below.

  • Infant/Child Key - Insert the key to automatically decrease the defibrillation therapy and implement the configured infant/child CPR protocols.

  • Quick Shock Feature: Minimize chest compression interruptions. CPR is even more vital to survival than previously realized. Rapidly delivery a shock after chest compression is critical. The HeartStart FR3's Quick Shock feature reduces the time between hands-off and shock delivery.




  • See "Related Items" section below to purchase the accessories separate from the AED Defibrillator.




  • 1 Battery.

  • 1 Set of SMART Pads III.

  • Guide to Setup.

  • Maintenance Instructions.


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