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Item #: EP989803179041
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Philips Quadtrode® MRI ECG Electrode #989803179041 - item #EP989803179041
(sold by the box)

The Philips Quadtrode® MRI ECG Electrode #989803179041 - item #EP989803179041 is made from materials of the highest quality medical grade and provides outstanding results in severe and challenging MRI environments.


Philips MRI ECG Electrodes 989803179041

These MRI ECG electrodes provide true MRI compatibility for MRI systems Precess, Precess Blue, Expression, Expression MR200, Philips MR and Magnitude, with a large-sized contact surface area (one easy-to-use, disposable patch allows 4 electrodes) for maximum performance. The Philips Quadtrode® MRI ECG electrodes specialized gel substantially reduces resistance to deliver the optimum MRI signal. These MRI ECG electrodes may be used with ECG cables 9218, 9223, 989803176381 and 989803170121. They replace 9371A, 25 per box, Quadtrode CV Electrodes which includes dispenser.



The array of features included with these Philips ECG Electrodes include:


  • Designed specifically for use in MRI

  • Sold by the box, 25 per box (25 MRI electrodes per box)

  • Optimized designs for Cardiovascular (CV), Adult, and Neonatal MRI

  • Large electrode contact area for optimum EKG performance

  • Pads are easy to apply and disposable

  • Decreases preparation time for patient

  • Usable with ECG cables 9219 and 9223, 989803176381 and 989803170121

  • Replaces 9071A

  • Latex free

  • Pediatric and adult application

  • CE certified

Compatible Products:

The Philips Electrodes 989803179041 is compatible with the following devices:


  • Expression MR200

  • Philips Medical Expression

  • Precess

  • Precess Blue

  • Magnitude

  • Philips MR


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