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Item #: RADE30558
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Double Sided Comb Style Razor

100 per box (sold by the box)


This Double Sided Prep Razor with Comb is the perfect solution for getting quick and efficient results. The razor was specially designed with a comb that lifts and separates hair. This is accompanied by a polymer coated, stainless steel blade which leaves a smooth, clean shave. The ease of use is incredible due to its heavy weight. Make the cost effective decision today and get this Double Sided Prep Razor which is individually wrapped!


These razors are used in our holter kits because they provide quick and reliable shave. Our customers use holter kits to prep patients for EKG / ECG procedures.


This product is ideal for general practitioners, nurses, nursing students, medical students, and other medical professionals.


  • Personna heavy weight prep razor.
  • A heavy weight prep razor with combs to lift and separate hair.
  • Individually wrapped.


If you have any questions about the Double Sided Comb Razor, then please call or email us at:



[email protected]

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