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Item #: F1880D0 Series
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Reusable NIBP Cuff - Dual Hose, Item #F1882D0, #F1881D0, #F1885D0, #F1886D0, #F1880D0, #F1884D0, #F1889D0
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                                                *Connectors are sold separately.*

The Reusable NIBP Cuff - Dual Hose is made with durable, tough, flexible nylon, convenient and easy to clean and can withstand extensive use, as well as, multiple disinfections and cleanings. This product is constructed for multiple patient uses in low acuity care settings and is also ideal for the physician office where contamination risk is diminished.  Specifically designed for patient safety, comfort and accuracy.

  • Infant: 10-19 cm
  • Child: 18-26 cm
  • Small Adult: 20-28 cm
  • Adult: 25-35 cm
  • Adult Long: 25-35 cm
  • Large Adult: 33-47 cm
  • Thigh: 38-50 cm


  • AMC® CU-UD DM: Resusable NIBP Cuff - Dual Hose w/ Screw Type Connector
  • AMC® CU-UD MQ: Resusable NIBP Cuff - Dual Hose w/ Female Quick Disconnect Connector
  • AMC® CU-UD MQMF: Resusable NIBP Cuff - Dual Hose w/ Male - Female Quick Disconnect Connector

Alternative to:
  • GE Healthcare®: Critikon™ Dura-Cuf™ Resuable NIBP Cuff
  • Phillips®: Comfort Care™ Multi-Patient Use Cuff, Easy Care™ Cuff
  • Welch Allyn®: FlexiPort® Resusable NIBP Cuff w/ Locking Type Connector
  • Mercury Medical®: Duracheck™ Reusable NIBP Cuff

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