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Item #: MO297011
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Safe-t-Chek™ Cardboard Mouthpiece #29-7011 - item #MO297011

(sold by the case) 


One-way valves ensure “infection protection.” The Safe-t-Chek™ mouthpieces adapt to all spirometers, peak flow meters and other PFT devices! Its innovative design virtually eliminates the threat of cross-infection. Patients worry about getting germs from others — now they can relax with Safe-t-Chek™. The unique 8-point peripheral support creates a complete seal, as the valve closes completely if the patient attempts to inhale. This interrupts air flow, preventing the passage of airborne infectious particles. Keep your patients safe...with Safe-t-Chek™!



  • Sold by the case:  200 mouthpieces per box, 3 boxes per case, 600 mouthpieces per case
  • Very low air resistance
  • Smooth design ensures patient comfort
  • Disposable cardboard or flexible plastic models


Safe-t-chek Fitting List:

  • Breon, All models, fitting- N/N
  • CDX, All models (remove end fitting), fitting- 7976
  • Circadian, All models, fitting- N/N
  • Collins, Eagle/Survey, fitting- 7976
  • Collins, Survey Plus, fitting- N/N
  • Cosmed, All models, fitting- N/N
  • Jaeger, All models, fitting- 7976
  • KoKo, All models, fitting- Call
  • Med. Equip. Designs, Remove Black Fitting, fitting- N/N
  • Micro Direct, All models, fitting- N/N
  • Multispiro, All models - Remove black fitting, fitting- N/N
  • PK Morgan, 232, fitting- N/N
  • Puritan Bennett, Without flow sensor, fitting- N/N
  • Riko, All models, fitting- N/N
  • S & M, Portascreen, fitting- N/N
  • SDI, All Astra, fitting- 7983/7986
  • SDI, All other models, fitting- N/N
  • Sensormedics, 922, 2130, fitting- 7976
  • Spirolink, All models, fitting- N/N
  • Spirometrics, All models, fitting- N/N
  • Vacumetrics, All models, fitting- Call
  • Vitalograph, All models, fitting- N/N


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