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Item #: ADNIK20


Universal Adapter Clip – Item #NIK-20, Item #ADNIK20, Item #ADNIK20-14 (sold by the set of 10 or set of 14)
(sold by the set of 10 or set of 14)


The Universal Adapter Clip – items #ADNIK20, #ADNIK20-14, and #NIK-20 we offer is one of our highest performing adapter clips. This is an outstanding clip because it matches a wide array of pin sizes, fitting a maximum size 4mm pin. In addition to fitting many sized pins, this adapter clip also is ideal for use for both snap and tab electrodes. Its capability of switching between electrode types and pin sizes provides for a convenient application experience.


Another benefit of the Universal Adapter Clip – item #NIK-20, item #ADNIK20, item #ADNIK20-14 is a wide-bodied, flat design that helps deter twisting and provides the largest contact area for exceptional trace quality. The wide-bodied, flat design corresponds perfectly with a stable base that translates into the largest percentage of first-time recordings. If you are looking for an adapter clip that is easy to use and offers the best quality connection, then the Universal Adapter Clip – item #NIK-20, item #ADNIK20, item #ADNIK20-14 is highly recommended.


Key Features: 

  • Used with snap or tab electrodes
  • Stable base allows the highest percentage of 1st time recordings
  • Broadest contact area for superb trace quality
  • Wide-bodied, flat design helps inhibit twisting
  • Fits a maximum 4 mm pin size
  • ADNIK20 packaged and offered 10 in each set, ADNIK20-14 packaged and offered 14 in each set


Equivalent to:

  • Philips M2254A
  • Schiller P/N: 2.155032
  • GE P/N: 9490-210
  • Ambu 0334M


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