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Zoll® AED 3-D V-Shaped Sign #93100738 - item #SI93100738
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This 3-D V-shaped sign is used above an AED unit to indicate the location of such unit. When a person is suddenly hit with cardiac arrest, time is the only thing that matters. Having this 3-D V-shaped sign is necessary because it clearly shows the location of defibrillator equipment which can be a key factor in a critical situation. This sign is unique because it has a three-dimensional shape which allows for greater visibility. Along with the shape is the bright colors which stand out above other signs. This sign is highly recommended wherever defibrillator equipment is available. This product is ideal for hospitals, urgent care, and various other medical offices.



  • 3-D sign clearly marks location of AED.
  • Unique three-dimensional shape
  • Brightly colored for high visibility


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