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Zoll AED Plus- Item #21400010102011010, Item #DE21400010102011010
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  • As a comprehensive rescue Automated External Defibrillator (AED), the Zoll AED Plus has the ability to direct rescuers through a complete survival chain using a unique CPR guidance and live feedback system. Although many individuals who undergo cardiac arrest require defibrillation, all need properly administered CPR.
  • The Zoll AED Plus includes visual and audio prompts that provide you with clarity and confidence in your rescue activities not equaled by any other AED devices. Regardless of how hard you are pushing, the Zoll AED Plus will advise you when to push harder or if your compressions are being applied at the right level.
  • The Zoll AED Plus, as a full rescue AED, delivers more than a biphasic waveform shock to cardiac arrest victims. It is able to guide rescue personnel through a comprehensive survival effort, beginning at initial access to early advanced care. With its exceptional text display, graphical interface, and voice commands which provide direction to the rescuer concerning proper CPR compression strength and rate, the Zoll AED Plus enables a high level of quality care.
  • For accurate and fast placement, the Zoll AED Plus features a single piece electrode pad. This device can also defibrillate children up to age 8 through the use of pedi•padz II electrodes.
  • The pre-connected pair of electrodes included with the Zoll AED Plus feature a design and five-year lifespan that make the device easy to apply at any time. These benefits, combined with affordable consumer lithium batteries, make the Zoll AED Plus an ideal device to add to your emergency response and rescue plan.
  • The ZOLL® AED Plus® defibrillator continues to set the benchmark for design, dependability, durability, and performance.

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