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Item #: DE8900021401
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Zoll® M, R & X Series OneStep™ Electrodes #8900-0214-01 - item #DE8900021401

(sold by the case)

The Zoll® M, R & X Series OneStep™ Electrodes #8900-0214-01 - item #DE8900021401 combines all Basic, Pacing, and CPR capabilities for hospital use. The pads have solid gel with AG/CL sensors. The packaging contains a multilayer foil laminate pouch with a shelf life of 24 months.

OneStep™ Basic: ensures electrode readiness and speed of defibrillation, the OneStep™ Basic Electrode includes a Code-Ready® Connector and Speed Pack™ packaging.


OneStep™ Pacing: all of the features of the OneStep™ Basic, plus simplified non-invasive pacing by combining leads into one pad, eliminating the need for separate ECG leads.


OneStep™ CPR: designed to help improve CPR quality and record chest compressions, OneStep™ CPR electrodes enable Real CPR Help visual and verbal cues on the R Series. See-Thru CPR® allows clinicians to see organized electrical activity during compressions to reduce interruptions. Available in A/A or A/P format.


  • Sold by the case, 8 pair per case
  • Shelf-Life 24 Months
  • Combines Basic, Pacing and CPR capabilities
  • For Hospital use
  • Multilayer foil laminate pouch
  • Solid gel
  • AG/CL sensors
  • This product is also sold by the each, see item #8900-0224-01

For use with:

  • Zoll® M Series
  • Zoll® R Series
  • Zoll® X Series


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