Monthly Archives: March 2011

CLA: A Healthy Fat?

Author; Tim Walton

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is found naturally in beef and dairy products. Low fat dairy products and lean meats have less of this Omega-6 fatty acid than their normal counterparts. A study in the Journal of Dairy Science revealed that the milk from grazing pasture fed cows had a whopping 500% more CLA than grain fed feedlot cows.

What have various studies shown? People with the highest CLA content had a 49% lower risk of heart attacks. It offers protection against cancer by boosting the activity of a tumor suppressing gene. Besides being an anti oxidant, it also prevents the maturation of fat cells and can increase metabolism. In one 7 week study involving sedentary people, the CLA supplemented group (5 grams a day), showed bigger gains in lean mass and more loss of body fat than the placebo supplied group. When subjects took CLA for 3 months, they experienced significant reductions in body fat, mostly centered around the abdominals/stomach area.

Today, most Americans consume less than one gram per day from food. This makes dietary supplementation one of the only effective ways to obtain ideal levels of this important fatty acid. A recommended dosage would be 2-3 grams with meals 2-3 times a day.

A Hard Sell Is Not Always The Best Sell

Author; Joni Walton

I usually know within the first couple minutes, or less of meeting with someone or speaking with them on the phone if I am going to want to do business with them. It all boils down to the type of person they are.

I want to do business with people who are genuine. Don’t hard sell me and talk fast and hope I miss the fine details. If you do, you won’t stand a chance. My decision has already been made.

When people truly love their job, believe in what they are selling it shines through. People should want to do business with you because they are filling a need that you have and they truly care that we get the best fit for our needs. Unfortunately, in my experience there are only a select few people who possess these qualities and we have to be sharp enough to pick them out.

My company’s tag line is “Nobody Beats Our Heart” and that says it all. Our mission is not to make a quick sale or sell you something you don’t need. Our mission is to provide you with products and solutions that best fit your needs. Sometimes during the sales process we may find we don’t have the best solution to fit your needs. Danlee goes above and beyond to offer other suggestions or companies who may be a better fit.

This approach has helped our success and growth dramatically. Danlee takes great pride that those people we could not help continually come back looking for answers or solutions to problems. Most of the time an opportunity presents itself where we are the right fit.

People love to deal with genuine, caring people who aren’t only in it for themselves. The goodness you show to others comes right back to you 10 fold.