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A Supplement for Joint Health & Shiny Hair?


Author; Tim Walton

      Sulfur is found in over 150 bodily compounds from hormones and enzymes to tissues and antioxidants. The 3rd most abundant mineral in the human body, it occurs in connective tissue as collagen which helps form cartilage and is also a component of structural protein of the type found in joints, skin and hair.

            40 million Americans have some form of degenerative joint disease, including 80% of people over 50.  By the 7th decade, Osteoarthritis (OA) is nearly universal, producing the highest rate of morbidity of any disease. Sulfur content of cartilage decreases as we age and this decrease parallels degeneration in the joints.  Some arthritis medication decreases the body’s sulfur reserves making the condition actually get worse.

            Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is 34% sulfur by weight and is regulated as a dietary supplement by the FDA. Studies have shown that there are no known adverse effects of supplementing over the long term with MSM.  MSM is also a safe and effective anti-inflammatory.  Athletes can benefit greatly by MSM supplementation as it would speed the recovery of soft tissue and joint repair as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory without any adverse side-effects as with other anti-inflammatories.  

             Athletes and aging people are not the only ones who can benefit from MSM.  Extensive anecdotal reports suggest that it may improve the suppleness of skin and the shininess of hair and nails.

Is Your Business Capable of Steady Growth?

Joni Walton, President

Danlee is very fortunate to have had steady growth since our inception in 1994.  Even in tough economical times we seem to continue on a path of steady growth in revenues and profits.  2009 was one of the most challenging times for most businesses and Danlee had our best year ever.  Many of my colleges and competitors have asked me; “why are you not hurting like the rest of us?”


  • To be honest I don’t really think about the economy.  I find that to be an excuse.  Forget about the economy.  If you sell a product or service that is truly helpful or useful there will always be people willing to buy.  Pay attention to your buyer and their behavior and plan accordingly. 
  • I was taught early on to never throw money at a problem.  Many people immediatelycut prices. If  people are not buying what your selling, but they used to, then maybe you need to make some changes.  Look at your product offering and look at adding value or simply offering new products bringing something new to the table.
  • Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.  I say this because about 8-10 years ago I was one of those people who felt email and internet/websites were not necessary.  I didn’t get it, understand it and the technology scared me.  However, I forged ahead with not only an ecommerce site for on-line ordering, but developed social media advertising using Facebook, Twitter and Blogging.  Our website now attributes to a significant portion of our growth in business each year. 
  • Provide value to your customers.  No one like’s the pushy salesperson approach.  People expect value for their time and money.  Focus less on selling your product and more on how to provide solutions for your customers. 
  • You can’t do everything yourself.  I have learned the hard way and I will admit I am somewhat of a control freak.  However, I am not successful because I know everything.  What I know is to surround myself with intelligent, hard working people who compliment my style and share my vision.  As a business owner don’t be afraid to rely on others.  Half the battle is being smart enough to know when you are over your head and enlist help from outside sources or your own employees. 

 Danlee has big goals for 2011 and look forward to continuing on a path of steady growth.  Danlee is currently in the process of re-tooling our business for maximum efficiencies growing our business in the smartest way possible. We recently developed our vision, mission and values called “Our Heartbeat” and we are using this as our guide to propel us to the next level. 

 All of us at Danlee are committed to our company, our customers and each other and look forward to the exciting changes ahead.