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Getting Spotted at the Gym

Tim Walton

No, I don’t mean being seen in the latest work-out fashions or being seen with the coolest person. I’m talking about getting that extra set of hands for safety and/or for more reps. Go to a gym long enough and you’ll see someone ask for a spot or be asked yourself. There are different spots and certain protocols that should be considered. Basically speaking, there are two types of spots: The Safety Spot and the Assist Spot. We’ll be using the bench press as an example for discussion sake. The Safety Spot is when the spotter is there to make sure that if the person gets in a jam and can’t complete the rep, that they help rack the bar so the presser doesn’t get crushed. This is the one that drives me nuts as I’ll see some knuckleheads try to use a weight that is way too heavy for them (but not thier egos) go over and ask someone (usually a girl they’re trying to impress) who couldn’t even DEADLIFT the weight to spot them. You see that stuff in the magazines because they are photo shoots, but in real life it is a potential disaster. The Assist spot is where the spotter will assist the presser with the last few reps and possibly do some “negatives” where they (the spotter) will be doing most of the lifting and then letting the presser resist the weight on the way down. It’s a very effective technique if done right. However, about 60% of the time, I’ll see the spotter basically end up doing heavy upright rows and the presser getting nothing out of it except for (again) a pumped up ego. There are some things to consider when asking for or giving a spot. Make sure that you think the person can handle the weight if asking. If asked and you don’t think you can, say so. Screaming for help as the bar is crushing the guy’s chest is a lot more embarrassing. Never ask someone who is obviously in the middle of their own set or between sets of a circuit. Determine what kind of spot they want and how much of an assist they want. I’ve seen pressers almost blow a temple out because they couldn’t finish the rep and their spotter was standing there screaming, “C’mon *#@***! You GOT THIS!”, while others would start “helping” as soon as they saw any signs of a struggle thereby negating any benefit. It helps to have a signal or sign of when to start to help if needed. A simple, “Now!” or blinking hard twice will do. Clean breath is always nice on either end of the arrangement. Nothing like breathing heavy going for the last few reps and your spotter is giving words of encouragement along with a nice reminder that he ate a tuna & onion sandwich earlier. Same for the presser. Your spotter doesn’t want to have you blowing heavy and getting blasted with your morning coffee/protein shake breath. If you are spotting and sweating like a hog, DO NOT lean forward and have your head sweat drizzle in a guy’s face who has 100’s of pounds of iron over his chest. Also, and I’ve seen this, DO NOT step forward and straddle the presser’s head. It’s just…I don’t even need to say it. Like most anything else in a gym setting, common sense, keeping egos in check, and basically just common courtesy goes a long ways. You can work out hard, even animalistic, but still keep it safe.

Did you know these cool facts?


Tim Walton

Drinking wine with a high carb meal can lower the glycemic index of the meal by almost 40%.  It decreases the blood sugar spike and insulin surge after the meal.

Did you know that the SPF numbers on sunscreen/sunblock products only refers to the protection level from UVB rays, not the UVA rays that are responsible for aging skin?

The carotenoids in deep yellow-orange vegetables & fruits can increase the skin’s resistance to the sun’s damaging UV rays. 

Up to 80% of UV rays can make their way through clouds and still do skin damage.

It’s possible to replace the entire body of a healthy human every year with fresh cells as it replaces more than 1 million cells every second.

Lutein, an antioxidant in collards, spinach and similar greens, boosts skin hydration and elasticity.  According to research, there was a 38% increase in skin hydration with lutein supplementation.

People who listened to music while exercising did 2 times as well on verbal fluency tests as those who worked out in silence. 

74% of people claimed to manage their workload & stress better if they worked out before or during work hours.

12 is the number of grams of salt you could be consuming daily just from processed foods.

Saving Money AND Lives

Top 3 Reasons To Use Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs and Disposable BP Cuff Liners… 

1.  Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs Are A Major Source of Contamination
Reusable blood pressure cuffs have shown to be a major source of bacterial contamination and play a large role in the spread of HAIs in hospitals.1,2,7,8,9  Blood pressure cuffs with the highest contamination rates were found in Intensive Care Units and nurses’ trolleys.

2.  The Average Cost to Treat HAI is $23,226 Per Patient
The financial burden on the United States healthcare system for HAIs is staggering.  It is estimated that the total annual cost to treat HAIs in the United States is between $35.7 billion and $45 billion with an average in-hospital cost per patient around $23,226.11  

3. 2 Million People Acquire HAIs Each Year  
In the United States, over 2 million people develop HAIs per year.  Patients that acquire HAIs average an extra 8 more days of hospital care, utilize more healthcare resources, and are at greater risk for readmission and death.12

Why not change?

When you own a business it is easy to get into a rut.  How many times do you hear yourself or one of your employees say, “but this is the way we have always done it.”

Recently my son came to work for me after he graduated college with a 4 year degree from Nazareth College in Business Management.   Danlee also recently hired another employee, shall I say, from the younger generation.  Being from a different generation they sometimes have a totally different perspective and outlook on certain situations, processes and procedures. 

I think as we go day to day in our busy, task oriented days we get so caught up in just getting it done rather than are we doing it in the most efficient way possible.  As the President, I have always prided myself on continually looking at our processes to insure we are doing things in the most cost effective and efficient way.  However, you would be amazed at how a “new set of eyes” can sometimes take you by surprise and actually have a totally different outlook.  It is hard sometimes to listen, because you immediately feel as though that can’t possibly work.  These employees are new, very young and have no experience with my company.  But when you really listen and hear what they are saying their ideas make sense and they really can save time and money.

My point is this.  Listen to your employees, be open to their suggestions.  Whether they are young and inexperienced or more mature with more experience, employees have good ideas and when they come to you with suggestions and new ideas don’t be so quick to say it won’t work.  And if you do, make sure it is for another reason besides “this is the way we have always done it.” 

Joni Walton


“When you are through changing, you are through.” – Bruce Barton