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Our very own Eric Laframboise has been chosen for


Our very own Eric Laframboise has been chosen for a spot in Drill Sergeant School.  Eric is currently serving in the Army Reserves and has accepted this honor with our blessing.

A spot in Drill Sergeant School Is one of the highest honors the U.S. Army can bestow a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). Only the most qualified NCOs are chosen to attend Drill Sergeant School, where they are trained to fulfill a role of utmost importance—the role of a Drill Sergeant. After all, Drill Sergeants teach new recruits every aspect of Basic Combat Training—which means they have the great responsibility of shaping recruits into the best Soldiers in the world.

NCOs who attend Drill Sergeant School are called Drill Sergeant Candidates. Their training is strenuous. The School’s curriculum mimics Basic Combat Training, week for week, because Candidates must be experts in all facets of BCT to begin training recruits. They receive top-notch training from their Drill Sergeant Instructors because they’ll soon be expected to deliver great training.

Our Sales Department will miss Eric during his 2 month departure, but we support him in this endeavor and look forward to his return with his new rank as Drill Sergeant.

Congratulations Eric!

What happens when your succession plan fails? When I


What happens when your succession plan fails?

When I started my company almost 20 years ago I needed to choose a name for it.
Why not name it after my son, Daniel Lee?  After all he will one day take over the company.

I think as parents we always assume our children will want to follow in our footsteps. Why wouldn’t they?  Of course their passion will be the same as ours…right?  Well, my son Dan graduated from Nazareth College in May of 2012 with a degree in Business Management. Dan definitely has what it takes to assume responsibility for the company.  With some experience and guidance this would be a perfect transition.  What child would not want to step into a successful, profitable company and automatically start out their life ahead of the game?

Dan has his own passions and desires when it comes to his future.  Dan came to work for my company after college and quickly decided this was not for him.  Dan definitely wants to own his own business, just not my business.  I can respect that, but it is definitely hard to swallow.

My son will be married in less than one month now.  He and his new wife will be moving to New Jersey where his wife will be furthering her education by attending medical school.  Dan will work towards his own business goals while working part time for Danlee Medical remotely.

Ahhhh, what we ourselves do as young adults certainly comes full circle.  I too got married very young and moved away to pursue my future.  I did not know with certainty at that time what it was I was pursuing, but I knew there was something bigger and better out there and I was going to find it and be challenged by it.  So to say, my son did not follow in my footsteps may not necessarily be true.  It sounds like he is walking the same path, just with a different destination in mind.

As for my succession plan, I am positioning my company for the future when and if I decide to retire.  I have learned not to put my eggs in one basket.  However, as a mom I always hold out hope that a few years down the road my son will change his mind and take over the company that holds his name.  But no matter what happens my greatest hope is that my son finds happiness and lives his life the way he chooses to live it.

Joni Walton
Danlee Medical