Monthly Archives: November 2014

Danlee Medical adds new Ebola products to its website

From West Africa to the West Coast of the US, stories are coming in about medical facilities not having the proper medical supplies to keep safe and prevent the spread of Ebola as well as treat Ebola patients.

Danlee has been selling Ebola products to facilities across the globe. Our headquarters is located in Syracuse, Upstate, New York and Upstate Medical University hospital has stated that they do not have the supplies needed to deal with an Ebola outbreak. We are working hard to fill that void in Syracuse and across the globe.

Just recently, Danlee Medical Products, Inc. added two new Ebola products to it’s website –  the Disposable Aneriod Sphyg and a Disposable Stethoscope! These products are significantly less expensive than their non-disposable counterparts. For more info on them, click here.