Monthly Archives: June 2016

One Happy Customer!

PIC_1At Danlee we place an extremely strong value on a positive customer experience. From the moment the order is placed with us until the moment the package is in the hands of its recipient, we want our customers to have the best experience possible. We feel that this ideology is what separates us from the pack. Today we received feedback from one of our valued local customers. Take a listen!

“Your delivery representative Ryon is exceptionally wonderful to us. With all the people that deliver here he is by far the best! He always asks us where we would like our packages and is willing to take care of even the heaviest of boxes. He takes the time… when all of the rest of the delivery people out there can’t drop the package fast enough and run out the door.”

Chris G.
Syracuse, NY

Note: Ryon McCall currently serves in Danlee’s Shipping & Receiving Department.

National CPR & Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Awareness Week


Did You Know? National CPR & Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Awareness Week is June 1st through June 7th, 2016. Sudden cardiac arrest and other life-threatening emergencies can happen anywhere, even in your workplace. Giving CPR and using an Automated External AED can greatly increase the victim’s chance of survival. AED devices are legally required in malls, airports, casinos, churches in addition to medical settings. It is imperative to ensure that the AED device in your facility is working properly and all of its accessories are fresh and ready to use. We can help to ensure that you are prepared for any emergency situation.

Danlee Medical Products, Inc. carries an extensive line of AED machines, parts and accessories including defibrillation pads and batteries. Give us a call today or visit our website and browse our selection. Be prepared when seconds count. #CPRsaveslives

Another Work Anniversary!


We have yet another reason to celebrate here at Danlee. Please join us in wishing Michael O’Neil a Happy 1st Work Anniversary! Michael currently serves as an Assembler in our Production Department where he is instrumental in building custom Holter and event recording kits. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Michael. Cheers to many more years at Danlee!