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Protecting Your Patients: Preventing Cross Contamination While Maintaining Dignity and Modesty

Man in hospital gown sitting on examination table, rear view

Danlee Medical is here to support healthcare providers/facilities to nurture a healthy provider/patient relationship that promotes trust.

An individual’s sense of self-worth and self-respect can comprise a host of mitigating factors, but in healthcare, patient dignity is focused explicitly on aspects of respect and respect of privacy.  For many patients, their experience in healthcare settings can be frightening, overwhelming and undignified.  Procedures and examinations time and again may consist of components that erode the dignity of patients.  The successful, modern-day healthcare provider understands the importance of protecting a patient’s sense of modesty and dignity while providing essential, life-saving care.

Many patients, past and present, are troubled about how most medical gowns do not protect their modesty, with some gowns opening in the back or are simply not big enough to accommodate certain people. Over the years the traditional hospital gown has been the butt of many a joke, however, patient dignity and modesty is no laughing matter.  At Danlee Medical we’ve literally got you covered with our comprehensive variety of competitively priced medical-grade disposable apparel.  Danlee Medical is here to support healthcare providers and facilities to nurture a healthy provider/patient relationship that promotes trust.  One of our top-selling competitively priced medical-grade disposables are our exam shorts.  An excellent choice as an alternative to the traditional hospital gown, intuitively designed, constructed of soft, pliable, latex-free, high tensile strength material with fluid and particle barriers built in.  These medical-grade disposable exam shorts come in either “boxer-short” style or “moon-short” style (colonoscopy/endoscopy) to better suit your practice’s needs.

Additionally, for healthcare providers accommodating patient dignity and modesty they are also preventing cross contamination.  Danlee Medical provides multiple varieties of hospital-grade exam table paper, disposable pillow cases, disposable drapes and sheets, disposable blood pressure cuff liners, to name a few; all constructed of the highest quality materials for added strength, durability, softness and for further protection against the spread of healthcare associated infections.  According to a study published in 2006 by The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, reusable blood pressure cuffs have shown to be a major source of bacterial contamination and play a large role in the spread of healthcare associated infections in hospitals.  The highest contamination rates for reusable blood pressure cuffs with were found in ICUs (Intensive Care Units) and nurses’ carts.  Many commonly used disinfectants were shown to be ineffective in eliminating all microbial life, largely C. diff, which is known to be resistant to commonly used disinfectants.  By utilizing the Danlee Medical disposable blood pressure cuff liners you will effectively combat the spread of costly healthcare associated infections while continuing to promote patient confidence.

Do you feel like your specific practice’s discipline wasn’t included above?  Tired of trying to fit the proverbial square peg in a round hole?  Danlee Medical recognizes that the antiquated, traditional choices often fall short and is precisely why we “Make it Happen” with fully customizable medical-grade disposable apparel to genuinely match the needs of your specific discipline.  At Danlee Medical we place a high-level of emphasis on design expertise, the implementation of innovative technologies and processes, as well as comprehensive quality management; it’s our priority to partner with you to make your vision a reality.

In today’s more than competitive healthcare market, providers that are sensitive to patient modesty are in high demand, as patients often seek out healthcare providers that are perceptive and considerate to their needs; specifically a patient’s need for modesty and security.  At Danlee Medical Products we’re exceptionally proud to be at the forefront of this positive and all-inclusive effort, assuaging the fears and concerns of patients and provider alike, by providing our competitively priced line of medical-grade disposable products and apparel.