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Cardiology Analytics: Solutions for Eliminating Erroneous Findings

trodes-graphic_againClinical and laboratory testing is the basis on which approximately 70% of all medical decisions regarding a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, admission and discharge are derived according to an article published by the Mayo Clinic.  This vital role in diagnosis and early intervention coupled with timely and accurate results has become the focus of healthcare reform and are necessary for the quality of patient care and for managing downstream costs.  New cardiac diagnostic tests are constantly being developed to further the understanding of disease, injury, and congenital (present at birth) or acquired abnormalities of the heart.

The use of cardiology electrodes can produce life-saving diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases, however, erroneous findings or artifact can be prevalent due to misplacement or misconnection or lack of proper adhesion.  When cardiology electrodes are not constructed of the highest quality materials, performance and reliability become suspect causing arrival at inaccurate, costly and possibly deadly conclusions.  Decision-making and treatment based on simulated or misdiagnosed cardiac diseases does happen on occasion and is detrimental to patients and exceptionally costly for cardiologists, however, simulated or misdiagnosed diseases are, to a degree, absolutely preventable.

Ultimately, finding the right dynamic provider of competitively priced medical-professional-grade cardiology products, like Danlee Medical, can help cardiologists and cardiology researchers successfully work towards improving their clinical analytics and patient experience, while reducing the cost of care and driving profitability.  Cardiology electrodes should and need to be easy for cardiologists and cardiology researchers to use without extensive preparation and without compromising absolute reliability and signal quality.  Therefore, optimally designed medical-professional-grade cardiology electrodes are devices that can secure efficient workflows while eliminating deadly and costly inaccurate analytics.

The most common issues associated with erroneous findings while using cardiology electrodes can be attributed to one or more of the aforementioned categories.  However, barring the removal of the “human-factor,” or categories such as misplacement or misconnection, the most artifact-producing issue that can be easily addressed with superior quality medical-professional-grade cardiology products is simply the lack of adhesion.  We recognize that time and cost efficient medical-professional-grade cardiology electrodes that deliver unmatched readings, user convenience, and patient comfort while ensuring that critical workflow is not disrupted by false analytics due to poor adhesion is precisely what you and your patients deserve.

With trusted brands like Kendall NUTAB, Vermed SilveRest, AMBU Blue sensor, as well as our very own FanTABstics®, ensuring that your decisions regarding critical patient diagnosis and treatment are accurate; all constructed of the highest quality materials with the remarkable adhesion, performance and reliability, Danlee Medical delivers.  Whether you’re performing an ECG, stress test, echo-cardiogram, Holter monitoring, event or loop recording, Danlee Medical deals in all of the top-selling, versatile and reliable medical-professional-grade cardiology electrodes to cover your specific cardiology needs.

Danlee Medical Products recognizes that delivering cost-friendly, superior patient care is imperative to your success and is proud to offer competitively priced medical-professional-grade cardiology products to aid you in that endeavor.  Whether it’s cardiac research or diagnosis, emergency medical services, or research or diagnosis of neurological or muscular disorders, Danlee Medical can help reduce downstream costs by providing you the necessary and life-saving tools that ensure significantly superior performance and reliability, every time.