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Helping Patients with Diabetes Live Healthier Lives

DYNAREX_SYRINGES_NEEDLE Simple. Practical. Intuitively designed for safety.  The proper injection technique is very important and Dynarex safety syringes are specifically constructed for improved adherence to injectable therapies; critical to helping patients with diabetes live healthier lives.  Dynarex safety syringes are designed with an insightful safety feature which retracts the needle back into the barrel and breaks the plunger to prevent needle stick injury. Hands and fingers remain away from the needle during injection and activation of safety mechanism and the needle is secured into the barrel of the syringe so that it cannot be reused. These syringes have clear, bold markings to assure dosage accuracy and is non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and sterile; helping to maintain a proper diabetes regimen.  Danlee Medical understands that when dealing with a challenging diagnosis like diabetes that insulin syringes are a critical tool when maintaining proper blood glucose levels. Managing diabetes is not easy, but with support from your family members and trusted healthcare provider can make it much easier.

Cardiology Testing Kits: Increasing Process Efficacy and Patient Satisfaction

Due to the Kits_ad_MArchwide variety of items that are categorized as medical devices, regulation of those medical devices is a complex and daunting task.  With examples ranging from the unassuming tongue depressor to
life-sustaining cardiology equipment like heart valves and cardiology testing kits; what is classified as a medical device adds an exceptional wrinkle into the process.  Congress has debated for over 40 years how best to ensure that consumers have access to new and improved medical devices, as well as preventing devices that are not safe from entering or remaining on the market.  Danlee Medical Products is and has been a stringently FDA regulated and compliant medical device manufacturer of cardiology testing kits for over 20 years.  With a proven track record for excellence and going above and beyond FDA regulations to ensure that the products you know, love and trust are safe – protecting your patient’s health, as well as your reputation as a premier cardiology provider is our priority.  How best can you remain a premier provider of cardiology services?  Top providers remain and maintain their premier status by improving process efficiency, which directly affects downstream costs, and more importantly, your patient’s quality of care.

Quality of patient care is directly correlated with process efficacy, essentially proving the old cliché that time is money, and that the customer is always right.  Streamlining your current cardiology testing process is paramount, and Danlee Medical, your trusted cardiology supply provider of custom cardiology hook-up kits, has the tools that you need to be successful in that endeavor.  With well over 400 variations of Holter hook-up kits, ambulatory stress test kits and cardiac event recording kits that are medical-professional-grade FDA regulated and compliant, we understand that preparedness gives you the edge.  Our Holter hook-up kits, ambulatory stress test kits and cardiac event recording kits put all of the components in one convenient bag, for ease of use and effortless inventory control.  Life and luck favors the prepared and having your cardiology testing electrodes, patient diaries, batteries, prep razors, tape strips, alcohol prep pads and prep scrubs conveniently at your fingertips ensures speed and accuracy of patient care.  Telling a patient that their test has to be rescheduled due to lack of cardiology supplies is nerve-racking and inconvenient for patients and speaks to a practice’s lack of professionalism.

As an industry leader in the manufacture of cardiology testing kits for more than 20 years we
place a high-level of emphasis on design expertise, the implementation of innovative technologies and processes, as well as comprehensive quality management that far exceeds FDA regulation; it’s our priority to partner with you to make your vision a reality.  Not only do we provide our medical-professional-grade FDA regulated and compliant cardiology testing kits to cardiologists, urgent care facilities, hospitals, private practices and clinicians across the nation and beyond, we also provide private label medical-professional-grade cardiology testing kits to OEMs, Holter scanning services and clinical trials.  This exemplifies the relationships we share with our exalted clients as well as our competition in the market.  Do you feel like your specific practice’s discipline wasn’t included above?  Danlee Medical recognizes that the antiquated, traditional choices often fall short and is precisely why we “Make it Happen” with fully customizable medical-professional-grade single-use FDA regulated and compliant custom cardiology hook-up kits to genuinely match the needs of your specific discipline.  We make certain that you get precisely what you need, nothing more and more importantly, at no additional cost to you!  Because our cardiology testing kits are made-to-order you only pay for the contents requested, unlike many of our competitor’s pre-packed cardiology testing kits that include items you do not need and are responsible to pay for.

Partnering with a trusted cardiology supplies and equipment provider that understands the importance of a healthy patient and a healthy provider-patient relationship, like Danlee Medical, is what gives your practice the edge in today’s more than competitive healthcare market.  We’re here for you; helping your budget and your reputation to stay the course by remaining a premier cardiology services and healthcare provider.